The apartment building is still an active construction zone and therefore is closed to the public.  For safety reasons, please do not attempt to enter the fenced-in area to the apartments at this time.


Move-ins are anticipated to commence in late March 2020.

Please contact 941-248-6011 or email with any questions
or to schedule an appointment.


Click on the buttons below to print the application form

and tenant selection plan information.

Apartment Size:

1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom


Household Size: 

1 Person

2 People

3 People

4 People

5 People










Rent Estimates:

Income Limits: 

*Some apartments will be available at a further reduced rate for

households that qualify at a lower income level.

**Rental assistance vouchers are accepted here. We will work with your

housing counselor to coordinate the necessary paperwork.